SurBlate™ Microwave ablation system has evolved over the last 25 years with design inputs from the world’s most experienced ablation experts.  With over 50,000 patient procedures experience to draw upon, Vison Medical’s technology innovations are demonstrably the best in class with improved performance in-vivo, ex-vivo and clinically.  The SurBlate™ Microwave ablation system is able to maintain a spherical active heating zone which is unchanging across various tissue types.  Combining Vison’s:


  • high efficiency power delivery from state-of-the-art solid state 2.45 + 0.05 GHz generator;
  • the most advanced Microwave Antenna/probes and;
  • superior cabling/coupling designs


SurBlateTM technology creates predictable ablation zones across a wide range of tissue types. Importantly, SurBlateTM’s ability to create large spherical ablation zones with a single antenna should reduce the need for multiple antennas and reduce procedure times and cost.


Key Features and Benefits include:

  1. Pioneers of High-power;
  2. Highest efficiency;
  3.  “near-perfect” Spherical Ablation Zone – Achieved;
  4. Antenna Tip Strength (i.e. “near unbreakable”) and;
  5. Lowest crossing profile in the world.

About Vison

Vison medical USA was founded in Santa Clara, CA, USA, which is one of the companies held by Forsea Holding LTD.

As the inventor of microwave therapy apparatus in China, Vison-China Medical Devices R&D Centre (used to be Forsea Microwave Institute)   More

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