2.45 GHz Ablation Probe

  • Vison’s ablation probe is offered in a variety of:
     a) crossing profile sizings from 14 Gauge to 19 Gauge diameters;
     b) probe lengths from 100 mm to 270 mm.  Customizable lengths are available;
  • Advanced technology facilitating safe and effective use of high power. 
  • Standing Wave Ratio (SWR) efficiency;
  •  “Near Perfect” spherical ablation zone;
  • Ultimate Antenna tip strength;
  • Clinical evidence of Usability;
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) compatible performance.

About Vison

Vison medical USA was founded in Santa Clara, CA, USA, which is one of the companies held by Forsea Holding LTD.

As the inventor of microwave therapy apparatus in China, Vison-China Medical Devices R&D Centre (used to be Forsea Microwave Institute)   More

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