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Vigula.Microwave Coagulation System  - Varicose veins (Varicose Vein) - is a common clinical disease in adults with active ulcers (to be treated) in 0.5% of adults (Meissner J Vasc Surg 2007; (Suppl.S):54S-67S).  The common clinical patients have lower extremity, meandering, expanded, tortuous superficial veins. Patients can simultaneously get limb soreness, mild pain. At the last stage, patients will have calf skin atrophy, desquamation, pigmentation, skin subcutaneous tissue induration, even eczema and chronic ulcers.

Microwave intravascular coagulation therapy is the next generation of minimally invasive treatment of "varicose veins " around the world. A randomized study was designed to evaluate Microwave Ablation demonstrated favorable short and medium term clinical outcomes compared to standard practice of high ligation and stripping.  In  addition the technique demonstrated similar results to other endovenous techniques.  (Yang Eur. Soc. for Vasc. Surg. Aug 2013).

The  microwave therapy probe (for radiation) for closing vessels via coagulation can navigate percutaneously into the great saphenous vein. Microwave energy is produced by the microwave generator, with varicose vein lumen being coagulated. Final results transform the painful, tortuous elongated, expanded and earthworm-like vascularization into flattened and unnoticeable structures.

Microwave coagulation closure is a new minimally invasive treatment. Compared with the traditional method of treatment, it has advantages of:

  • no surgery;
  • less pain;
  • quicker recovery;
  • no scarring;
  • less recurrence;
  • shorter treatment time;
  • fewer complications, and;
  • efficacy.

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