Microwave Focused Hyperthermia System

Thermal therapy has demonstrated outstanding therapeutic effects in clinical practices, with no obvious toxic and side effects to patients. Through Vison’s partners in China, the Company has access to over 100 existing installations to gather important market feedback to determine strategic direction for immediate sales efforts. A key competitive edge Vison has over existing thermal therapy is the proprietary monitoring and control over the 2.45 GHz magnetrons that have been specially controlled to produce the safest and most effective medical results.  Competitors radiofrequency capacitor apparatuses, and microwave thermal apparatuses with continuous output of 0.915 GHz microwave are not competitive with Vison’s product with Key Opinion Leaders sharing Vison’s position. A key application is the treatment of tumors with the concurrent use of radiotherapy or chemotherapy, showing significantly improved therapies.
The key to Vison’s product advantage is utilizing microwave: heating efficiency; speed (10-5 seconds); optimal use of the electromagnetic radiation field; readily controlled focus; excellent compatibility with biological tissues; with invention of super-power pulse-modulation technology.  The system’s thermal penetration depth (more than 17 cm) is superior to other technologies. With the invention of multi-lead (4-8 leads) focusing technique, the peak pulse power may be up to 32,000 W, with skin burn protection utilizing water bags to cool surrounding tissue.  With increased incident power, the electric field strength at the treatment site is improved. Theoretical studies have demonstrated that close resonance to the molecular bioelectric field of tumour cells and viruses (approximately 2.4 GHz), a 2.45-GHz alternating electric field may produce electrical resonance interference effects, to seriously influence the synthesis of biological bonds, altering bio-membranes, and thus inhibiting and interfering with their division and replication; the stronger the field density is, the greater the interference is. Therefore, the main effect with heat to enhance radiotherapy or chemotherapy may possibly be field effect other than thermal effect; meanwhile, the unique broad-spectrum analgesic effects and anti-inflammatory effects of microwave may also contribute to superior efficacy.

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