The accomplishment of a low cost, light weight, compact and portable system: SurBlate

 SurBlate Microwave Ablation System is an advanced soft tissue ablation system, which offers
 state of the art design, function and unique characteristics. SurBlate is a light-weight,
 portable generator with unique capabilities that can be used in interventional, non-vascular 
and in surgical specialties.

This system utilizes the latest technological advancements to produce
 a highly efficient 2.45 GHz microwave system.

The Specifications of Microwave Ablation Generator

  • 2.45 GHz operating frequency
  • Generator powers from 5 W to 100 W
  • High Net Power at probe tip
  • Water cooled applicator
  • Time monitoring screen (min. and sec.)
  • Real time temperature monitoring screen
  • Lightweight (7kg)
  • SWR  < 1.5

About Vison

Vison medical USA was founded in Santa Clara, CA, USA, which is one of the companies held by Forsea Holding LTD.

As the inventor of microwave therapy apparatus in China, Vison-China Medical Devices R&D Centre (used to be Forsea Microwave Institute)   More

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