Microwave Ablation: Proven to be safe by FDA and EU Medical Device safety Directives

 Microwave energy is used to ablate diseased soft-tissue by heating the tissue to a certain temperature that causes the destruction of cells. The microwave energy causes the water molecules in the diseased soft-tissue to rotate.
This rotation of the water molecules causes friction, which in turn causes the tissue to heat up.
The microwave generator is a small and portable percutaneous technology for soft tissue and tumor ablation, which will replace the radiofrequency ablation treatment methods. 

Along with the tumor ablation, Vison Medical raises the bar by utilizing the microwave energy in extended areas with the introduction of Vison Medical Resect and Vison Medical Cyst. 

Vison Medical Technologies  welcome new partners with the insight to expand the technology and scientific program.


Vison Medical, with its 2 R&D Centers of Excellence in Richmond, British Columbia (Canada) and California(USA)
 carry out mutual projects and develop technologies with universities in Europe, Canada and Asia.

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Vison medical USA was founded in Santa Clara, CA, USA, which is one of the companies held by Forsea Holding LTD.

As the inventor of microwave therapy apparatus in China, Vison-China Medical Devices R&D Centre (used to be Forsea Microwave Institute)   More

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