Treatment of a variety of serious medical conditions: Liver,Lung Cancer and Pancreas cancer

Vison Medical Therm Ablation Probes use advanced technology while facilitating safe and effective 
use of high power. Vison Medical Therm Percutaneous probes are designed as minimally invasive and 
available in sizes as small as 16 gauges. While meeting the clinical needs and ensuring patient
 safety, it is also designed to help minimize the risk of complications during the ablation procedure. 

Vison Medical Therm applicators  are designed to be highly visible and traceable under CT and Ultrasound to assist with placement of the probe in the target tissue.




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Vison medical USA was founded in Santa Clara, CA, USA, which is one of the companies held by Forsea Holding LTD.

As the inventor of microwave therapy apparatus in China, Vison-China Medical Devices R&D Centre (used to be Forsea Microwave Institute)   More

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